Raf Marchesini was born in Verona (Italy), where he began his long and solid musical career at a very young age.


DJ since 1992, electronic music producer and composer since 1997, he reached the top of the charts creating hits such as "Faraò", "Boys and Girls", "Ibiza", "Fiesta Loca", "Beautiful Life", "Babylon", "Future Love", just to name a few.


Raf Marchesini's discography includes over 350 songs published by important Italian and international labels such as Ultra, Spinnin', Universal, Warner, Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi, Avex, Blanco Y Negro, Media, Saifam, Ego, Time, D-Vision , UMM.


In addition to his own projects, he has produced hit singles for artists such as Cappella, 49ers, Tony Di Bart, Desaparecidos, Carolina Marquez, Mario Più, Ocean's Four, Hard-In-Tango, Electroluv.

He has also officially remixed Michelle Weeks, Datura, Pooh, DJ Antoine, Alexandra Stan, R.I.O., Big Ali, Papa Winnie, Albert One, Neja, Cristian Marchi, Rudeejay, Federico Franchi and many more.



From the spectacular Sky Bar in Beirut to the exclusive Loona Club on the island of Sakhalin in the Far East, Raf Marchesini has been performing for years in the best clubs and events, proposing an eclectic and engaging DJ set.



Raf Marchesini è nato Verona, dove ha iniziato giovanissimo la sua lunga e solida carriera musicale.


DJ dal 1992, produttore e compositore di musica elettronica dal 1997, ha raggiunto la vetta delle classifiche creando successi quali "Faraò", "Boys and Girls", "Ibiza", "Fiesta Loca", "Beautiful Life", "Babylon", "Future Love", solo per citarne alcuni.


La discografia di Raf Marchesini conta oltre 350 brani pubblicati da importanti etichette italiane ed internazionali quali Ultra, Spinnin', Universal, Warner, Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi, Avex, Blanco Y Negro, Media, Saifam, Ego, Time, D-Vision, UMM.


Oltre ai progetti a suo nome ha prodotto singoli di successo per  artisti quali Cappella, 49ers, Tony Di Bart, Desaparecidos,  Carolina Marquez, Mario Più, Ocean's Four, Hard-In-Tango, Electroluv.

Ha inoltre remixato ufficialmente Michelle Weeks, Datura, Pooh, DJ Antoine, Alexandra Stan, R.I.O., Big Ali, Papa Winnie, Albert One, Neja, Cristian Marchi, Rudeejay, Federico Franchi e molti altri.


Dallo spettacolare Sky Bar di Beirut all'esclusivo Loona Club sull'isola di Sakhalin in estremo Oriente, Raf Marchesini si esibisce da anni nei migliori club ed eventi, proponendo un DJ set eclettico e coinvolgente. 



1997 - 1999:

Anticappella "Don't Bring Me Down" (Media Records)
Anticappella "I Need A Hero" (Media Records)
Anticappella "Baby Today" (Media Records)
Cappella "Throwin' Away" (Media Records)

49ers "Let The Sunshine" (Heartbeat / Media Records)
Mig 29 "I Gotta Go" (Media Records)
Mig 29 "4 My Love" (Media Records)
Candy Boyz "Esta Me Gusta" (Media Records)
Candy Boyz "I Can Live" (Media Records)
Candy Boyz "I Found The One" (Media Records)
Candy Boyz "Until Tomorrow" (Media Records)
Candy Boyz "I Love It" (Media Records)
Cacao "Hablame Luna" (Media Records)
Cacao "Te Quiero" (Media Records)
Cacao "Olè Me Nina" (Media Records)

Galaxy "Keep Giving" (Media Records)
Kc Tronic "I'm Gonna Get Ya" (Media Records)
Dynamic Key "Just Like A Gun" (Media Records)
Force Machine "U Got Me Movin'" (Media Records)
Deejay-R "Sky" (Media Records)
Ophelia "Running Into Space" (Media Records)
Majorca "We Cannot Stay" (Media Records)
A to Z "Can U Feel It?" (Media Records)
Sign "Minotaurus" (Signal / Media Records)
Brahama "Future Love" (Signal / Media Records)
King Arthur "Faith" (GFB / Media Records)

Jim De Vitt "For Your Love" (UMM / Media Records)
Morgana "Miracle Of Love" (GFB / Media Records)
Anita K "Love Affair" (Heartbeat / Media Records)
Blu Connection "Touch The Sky" (Heartbeat / Media Records)
Gius-T "Winner" (Heartbeat / Media Records)
Rosso "Blow" (GFB / Media Records)
Anticappella "Get Faster" (GFB / Media Records)
Rockets/Brahama "Future Woman/Future Love" (BXR / Media Records)

2000 - 2009:
Airy "Just For Tonight" (A La Carte/Saifam)
The Bumpers "Bump...It's Time To" (Houzy/Saifam)
Stone Heaven "Spirit" (Dance Pollution/Saifam)
Etzwane "I Wanna Fly" (A La Carte/Saifam)
Plaisir "Everyday Everynight" (Molotov/Saifam)
Lampo "Energy" (Multiforce)
Blue Velvet feat. Lucky "Fire" (Multiforce)
Soundshock feat. Misi "This Time" (Multiforce)
Patch "Ping Pong" (Multiforce)
Crystal "Give It Up" (Major/Do It Yourself)
Ozz "01" (Spy/Time)
Fresko "Shine On Me" (Exe/DB One)
Digital Duke "The Honeythief" (Masters Of Funk/Hitland)
Experience Five "Live To Tell" (Euronoize/Hitland)
Algo Mass "Shut-Up!" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Syn "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" (Undertone)
Miss Jones "Do You Feel Alright" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Hard In Tango "This Is My DJ" (New Music)
Mr. Vision "I Wanna Say" (Spy/Time)
Bitbull "Insane" (Spy/Time)
Mady "Saxy Rhythm" (M.O.D.A.)
Playboyz "Olympic Games" (Tambour/Melodica)
Carolina Marquez "Killer's Song" (Do It Yourself)
Popstitute "People Want To Have Sex" (Farheneit/Neuton)
Nuff Noise "I Kiss And Fallin'" (1st Pop)
Children Of Drum "Children Of Drum/Canto Del Pilon" (Tambour/Melodica)
Decò "Magic Groove" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Togo "Tribal Smoke" (Link/Saifam)
Simon F vs Raf M "Just Shake It Up" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
SR 773 "Funkey" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Costarica "Mad House" (Link/Saifam)
Malibù "Night Club" (Link/Saifam)
Parade "Touch My Soul" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
F.M. Sound "Disconnection" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Borracha "In Da Loop" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Same Story "Gimme More" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Taste Of Good "I Know" (On Board/1st Pop)
Members Only feat. Princess Vanessa "My First Time (In Disco)" (Tambour/Melodica)
Belmondo "Papillon" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
6th Element "Sunny & Funny" (Link/Saifam)
Saint Martin "Tales From Rio" (link/Saifam)
Komodor "Electrize" (House Traxx/Saifam)
T-Street "Feel That Vibe" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
East End "Unity" (House Traxx/Saifam)
F.M. Sound "Copacabana" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Salt & Pepper "Feeling" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Malibù "Stratocaster" (Link/Saifam)
Lite Lovers "Free" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Last Minute "Last Minute" (House Traxx/Saifam)
Tribal Sax "Tribal Sax" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
T-Street "Keep On Runnin'" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
F- Drink "Pinacolada" (Link/Stop and Go)
Blue Mèche "It's My Beat" (Stop and Go)
Karma "3rd Stage" (House Traxx/Saifam)
S-Funk "We Can Do It" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Mario Più "Moskow Diskow" (Fahreneit/Neuton)
Back 2 Back "Rollerball" (House Traxx/Saifam)
Last Minute "Electric Circus e.p." (House Traxx/Saifam)
Miss Dark Angel "Hung Up" (House Traxx/Saifam)
East End "Don't Stop Movin'" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Komodor "Plastic Voice" (House Traxx/Saifam)
Danoise "You Really Got Me" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Yellow Cab "Electroshop" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Saint Martin "Carnaval De Brasil" (Link/Saifam)
Miss Dark Angel "Broke Back Mountain Theme" (House Traxx/Saifam)
Rendez-Vous "Call Box" (House Traxx/Saifam)
Back 2 Back "Oxygene" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
F-Drink "Ecuador" (Link/Saifam)
T-Street "Deep In Your Heart" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
White Brand "Crazy" (House Traxx/Saifam)
Electric Cafè "Pret-a-Porter" (House Traxx/Saifam)
F-Drink "Boutique" (Link/Saifam)
Malibù "Souvenir" (Link/Saifam)
Deep Divaz "Working Hard" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
S-Funk - Right On (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Bass Tone "Minimal Beat" a.k.a. "Beat" (House Traxx/Saifam)
T-Street "We Love House" (House Traxx/Saifam)
East End "Save Me" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Same Story "Free Love" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Lite Lovers feat. Joanna "Going Crazy" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Nu Collective feat. Sharon "Believe" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
D.A.S.H. "Kick It" (House Trax/Saifam)
The Distance "Take My Soul" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Saint Martin "I Like It" (Link/Saifam)
F-Drink "Que Pasa" (Link/Saifam)
T-Street Vs Classroom "Do It For Yourself" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Malibù "Puertosol" (Link/Saifam)
Privè "Valencia" (Link/Saifam)
Back 2 Back "Coffee Break" (House Trax/Saifam)
Superbad "Superbad" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Raf Marchesini Vs Poweredmilk + "I Want U" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Last Minute feat. Sam Wood "Sleepless Nights" (House Trax /Saifam)
Blue Mèche "Kick My Dog" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Dual Shock "Rap U" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Nu Collective feat. Sharon "Believe -2008 Remixes" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Mash-Up "Rhythm For Detroit" (House Trax/Saifam)

Luca Fregonese & The Afromind "A Feelin' Good" (Link /Saifam)
Simioli & Marchesini "Because The Night" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Rodeo Drive pres. Silvia Rocca "Harmonica" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Frankie Gada Vs Raf Marchesini "Rockstar" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Den Harrow "Take Me Away" (Saifam)

Desaparecidos Vs Walter Master J "Ibiza" (Link/Saifam/Universal FR)
Lanfranchi & Marchesini "Boys & Girls" (Stop and Go/Saifam/Universal FR)

Marchesini & Farina Vs Max B "Majestade Real" (Link/Hypetraxx FR)

Desaparecidos "Fiesta Loca" (Link/Saifam/Universal FR)
Sergio Mauri “I Gotta Feel It” (Stop & Go/Saifam)
Ocean’s Four feat. Adam Clay “Beautiful Life” (Stop & Go/Saifam/Sony GR)

2010 - 2020:
Raf Marchesini & Max B “Faraò” (Ego)
Ruini, Mora & Marchesini “Paradise City” (Ego)
Fedo, Camurri & Marchesini “Babylon” (D-vision/Universal FR)
Aroma feat. Katerina “The Children Of Piraeus” (Ego/Planetworks GR/Ultra USA)

Fedo Mora & Raf Marchesini "Over The Sun" (Forever Young!)

Max Bragantini a.k.a. Max B "Samba Reggae" (Forever Young!)

Fedo, Camurri & Marchesini "Babylon" 2011 Remixes (D-vision)

Max Bragantini a.k.a. Max B "Samba Reggae" REMIX (Forever Young!)

Stefano Santi "Another Hero" (Forever Young!)

Ocean's Four feat. Adam Clay "Beautiful Life" (2012 Rework) (Saifam/Futurepl@y)

Electroluv Vs Raf Marchesini "Don't Stop, Movin' Right 2012" (Rise/Time) 

Raf Marchesini and Joanna Rays "Just One Night" (Forever Young/Joys Productions)

Marchesini & Farina "Bla Bla" (House Traxx/Saifam)

Marchesini & Farina vs Matthew Tee "Bong Bong" (Saifam)

Raf Marchesini & Karim Razak "Back To Disco" (Saifam)

Marchesini & Farina and Breakers DJs "Okay" (Saifam)

Desaparecidos vs Lanfranchi & Farina and Marchesini Feat. Claudia Serdan "Gipsy Song" (Saifam/Universal)

Raf Marchesini & DJ Favorite "You Drive Me Crazy" (Soyuz)

Karim Razak & Raf Marchesini "Disco Gitano" (Saifam)

Ocean's Four "California Dreamin' " (Saifam)

DamanteFarina & Raf Marchesini "Black Jungle" (Godzilla/Saifam) 

Raf Marchesini & Karim Razak "Can You Feel It ?" (Starlight/Saifam)

Raf Marchesini & Vincent Martini "Till The Sun" (Keep! Records)

Raf Marchesini & Stefano Lanfranchi "All That She Wants" (Gravity/Saifam)

Raf Marchesini "Dropical" (Keep! Records)

Raf Marchesini & Fedo Mora "Sunny Day" (Keep! Records)

Raf Marchesini & DJ Favorite feat. Niela Rocks "About That Life" (Fashion Music Records)

Paul Zak "Les Tamboures" (Saifam)

Raf Marchesini "Pull Over" (Keep! Records)

Raf Marchesini & Karim Razak "Yeke Yeke" (Keep! Records / Saifam)

Raf Marchesini & B2B feat. Adam Clay "Your Body" (Keep! Records)

Luciani "Bow Bow" (Saifam)

Stefano Fucili "Ballare Ballare" (RNC Music)

Ocean's Four feat. Adam Clay "Beautiful Life" - 2019 Remixes (Saifam)

Raf Marchesini, D'Amico & Valax vs Gabin "Doo Uap" (RNC Music)

Stefano Fucili "Bella Bella Bella" (RNC Music)

Raf Marchesini "Keep On Dreaming" (Keep! Records)

Stefano Fucili "Una Bella Giornata" (RNC Music)



Ramon Ramonito "Waiting For You" (Keep! Records)

Stefano Fucili "Mia Bella Ciao" (RNC Music)

CirEvolution "Always On My Mind" (Saifam)

MaRaf "Don't Stop The Disco" (Keep! Records)

CirEvolution "Loving You" (Saifam)

Raf Marchesini presents D-Othersid3 "Feel It" (Comb Records)

Raf Marchesini presents D-Othersid3 "Supadisco" (Comb Records)

Raf Marchesini "LOL" (Keep! Records)

Raf Marchesini presents D-Othersid3  "Free To Do" (Comb Records)

Mad-J "Love The Bass" (Comb Records)

Raf Marchesini, Mario Donsi, Tommy Enfasy "MACARENA" (Saifam)

Mad-J "Muchacho" (Comb Records)

Ramon Ramonito "Que Caliente" (Comb Records)

Ramon Ramonito & Raf Marchesini "La Trompeta Electronica" (New Music)

Mad-J "Billie Jean" (Comb Records)

Stefano Fucili "Ballerina" (RNC Music)



Mario Piu' feat. More "Runaway" (Media Records)
R.M.N. "Internet Connection" (Baby Records)
Kidz "Don't Stop" (Baby Records)
T.T.B. "Baila" (Hitland)
Maria Argentino feat. Pooh "Music That Lives" (Exe/DB One)
Funk K Tone "Once In Time" (Viper/DB One)
Money Penny "Wonderful Love" (Remida)
Snooza & Papa Winnie "Money Problems" (Tabloid)
Ultrasonics "A Whole New World (Rulin')" (Pride)
Edge Of Universe "Deep In My Mind" (Nocolors)
Donna Ale "Pressure" (Remida)
Ritch & Bitch "Rum &..." (Pride)

Datura "Infinity" (Saifam Classics)
Datura feat. Steve Strange "Fade To Grey" (Stop and Go/Saifam/Universal FR)
Audiospace "Put Your Hands Around Me" (House Trax/Saifam)
Gucci Bros "I Got Love" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
ST Connection "Jingo Chic" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
Lysark Vs Anthony May "Post" (House Trax/Saifam)
Dual Shock "Rap U" (House Trax/Saifam)
Space Master "World Of Confusion 2008" (Saifam)
Audiospace "Danz Electrik" (Stop and Go/Saifam)
KPM feat. Francesco Ferraro "Just Love Me" (Link/Saifam)
Andrea Paci feat. Michelle Weeks "Blowing In Me" (Ocean Traxx)
Jack Floyd “Move Your Feet 2009” (Ocean Traxx)
Cristian Marchi feat. Dot Comma “Disco Strobe” (Molto)
Andrea Paci feat. Andrea Love “Kiss Me” (Ocean Traxx)
2 Someone “Love Me” (Ego)
Wild & Klosman feat. Audrey Valorzi “DiscOver” (Hypetraxx, France)
Mephisto feat. Dr. Felix “Honey (The Beat Of The Bee)” (Ego)
Eleze “Glory Box” (Ego)
Gubellini & Pain feat. Darook “Shake It Up” (Bootylicious/Rise/Time)

Magik Johnson feat. Eleze “This Is Your Life” (Ego)

DKS “Sing With A Swing” (Ego)

Electroluv “Stand Up 2010” (Rise/Time)

Skary & Pro feat. Orlando Johnson “Hands Up” (TMM)

Loco Tribal “Kuma Ya” (Bang)

La Moon “A Higher Place” (Ego)

Angie Be “Soundwaves” (Ego)

Fedo Mora “Mediterranea” (Net’swork)

Nicola Fasano Vs Splashfunk “Shosholoza” (Jolly Roger)

Ilan Tenembaum feat. Shena “Don’t Stop Me Now” (D-vision)

Woody Bianchi “You Got What I Want” (Rise/Time)

Riquezza Amor Da Bahia (Rise/Time)

R.I.O. "Like I Love You" (D-Vision)

The Winning Triplet "Gold Moon" (Ocean Trax)

Rudeejay & Freaksjam feat. Jenny B "The Rhythm Is Magic" (D-Vision)

Lucenzo feat. Big Ali "Vem Dancar Kuduro" (Ego)

Alex Guesta feat. Raphael "Music Is Love" (M.O.D.A.)

Loco Tribal "Kanta Fallah" (Bang)

Juggsout! "It's OK" (E2/Ego)

DJ Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers "Ma Chèrie" (X-Energy)

Andrea Ferrini feat. Erid "Break The Chains" (Urbanlife Records)

I Team feat. Dhany "Love Tonight" (X-Energy)

Windy Land "You Gonna Love" (Joys Prod/Forever Young!)

Davis J "Samba Bamba" (Saifam)

Rudeejay & Freaks Jam feat. Marie Claire D'Ubaldo "The Rhythm Is Magic" (X-Energy)

J.Nice and Frankie Tedesco feat. Lil'Lee "Rain On My Shoulder" (E2/Ego)

Papa Lock "I'm Fly" (Ego)

Alexandra Stan "Cliche (Hush Hush)" (Ego)

Levan Kay "Dance In Love" (Pacha Recordings)

Asher Moodie vs Piparo & Tignino "I Can't Get Enough" (Time)

Desaparecidos Vs Walter Master J "Danser" (Saifam)

Relight Orchestra & Margareth Menezes "A Luz De Tieta" (Sony Music)

Joanna Rays "Not Enough" (Joys Prod)

Andrea Ferrini feat. Dhany "As One" (White Rabbid / Smilax)

Daniel Chord & Nuthin' Under A Million "Breaking Sad" (Adaptor)

Albert One "Sing A Song Now Now 2014" (Ego)

Federico Franchi "Cream" 2015 Remixes (Saifam)

Dyser feat. C Todd Nielsen "Runaways" (Spire)

Desaparecidos "Fiesta Loca" 2k18 Remixes (Saifam/Universal France)

Neja "Restless" 2018 Remixes (New Music International)

Alex Gaudino & Nari feat. Pope "Together" (Ego/Ultra Music)

Desaparecidos vs Walter Master J "Ibiza" 2k19 Remix (Saifam)

Stefano Fucili "Bella Bella Bella" - Raf Marchesini Remix (RNC Music)

Luciani - Imagination (Saifam)

Andrea Belli & Dave Roy Bland "Cara Noche" (Molto Rec)




Supahouse! – mixed by DJ Raf Marchesini (Ego)
Nu:Tech Compilation (Ego) – mixed cd
Nu:Tech Summer Compilation (Ego) – mixed cd
House Machine Silver (Saifam) – unmixed cd
House Machine Gold (Saifam) – unmixed cd
House Machine Platinum (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.1 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.2 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.3 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.4 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.5 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.6 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
DJ Session Vol.7 (Saifam) – unmixed cd
Raf Marchesini Summer Selection (Ego) 1 mixed cd + 1 unmixed cd
Raf Marchesini Winter Selection (Ego) – unmixed cd
Ego Cool Cuts – selected by Raf Marchesini (Ego) – unmixed cd